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BlurFix Air Filters

The BlurFix Air is intended for lightweight applications or applications where the GoPro camera is used without the housing so that a microphone can be linked to the camera (i.e. airplane cockpit during instruction, race car dashboard, etc.)  The BlurFix Air with filter weighs only 7.6 grams making it ideal for quadcopter use.  If used with a gimbal, you must check with your gimbal manufacturer to ensure the additional weight is allowable and the BlurFix Air will not cause damage to the gimbal or cause it to over current and go limp. Like many of our filter adapters, the BlurFix Air is CNC machined out of Delrin® which is more expensive than billet aluminum by volume - this is not just another cheap injection molded product.  Delrin was selected so that the BlurFix Air will precisely slip over the lens flange on your camera..

The BlurFix Air comes with your choice of filters.  These include a circular polarizer (CP), neutral density 4 (ND4), or combination neutral density 8 (ND8) with CP filter.  Filters are used with the GoPro to combat one or both of the following issues: glare and rolling shutter effects.  Glare is commonly found on the surface of water and windshields/windows.  A CP filter can be adjusted to cut down on glare and is commonly used in fishing videos or on the dash of a race car.  The effect can be dramatic.  For instance, in fishing videos a CP filter can make the difference between seeing your catch just below the surface or seeing only sunlight reflected off the water's surface.  In addition, CP filters will make the sky appear bluer and cause clouds to have more contrast.  When used in snowy conditions, a CP filter will add contrast, allowing the viewer to distinguist features that would normally be over-exposed.

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