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24 mm Light Mount Instructions

Step 1: Unscrew the end cap on the dive light and remove the batteries.  Carefully remove the two orings that seal the body against the end cap.  DO NOT use sharp tools to remove the orings or they may become damaged.  Each dive light from SRP does ship with two spare orings.


Step 2: Slide the 24 mm Light Mount over the light body as shown above.  Insert one of the provided rubber plugs into the threaded hole.  (The purpose of the rubber plug is to prevent the set screw from scratching the light should you choose to remove it from the mount at a later date.)  Install and tighten the set screw with the smaller of the two provided hex wrenchs.  Make it fairly tight so that the light does not slip arround when the rubber plug gets wet.


Step 3: Reinstall the battery, orings and end cap.  If necessary, use the silicone grease provided with the dive light to re-lubricate the oring.  Attach the flat Locline base to the mount with the provided cap screw and larger hex wrench.


Step 4: Attach the other flat Locline base to the SRP Tray handle using another cap screw.  Finally press the Locline arm onto both Locline bases.  The easiest way to do this is to straighten the Locline arm.  Next, place the arm on top of one of the Locline bases.  Using the palm of your hand or a rubber mallet, hit the arm so that it pops onto the base.  Repeat for the other Locline base.

Step 5: Place the assembled arms and lights in water. Make sure the light does not move around in the mount once the assembly is wet.  If it does, then you will have to remove the Locline arm by holding the light and twisting the joint closest to the light to the side until the arm pops off.  Remove the Locline base piece.  Finally, tighten the set screw until the light does not move when the mount is wet.  Reassemble.