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General Questions

Q: How do I remove the CYD lens from the BlurFix3 or BlurFix3+?

A: Use one of the following three methods:

1. Place the adapter on the camera. With clean dry hands use the palm of your hand pressed against the lens and rotate counter-clockwise.

2. Hold the adapter so that the dish faces up (should look like a bowl). Pinch the filter between your thumb and index finger and rotate the frame counter-clockwise.

3. Place a clean towel in front of you.  Hold the black frame with your finger tips placing both thumbs in the dish portion of the lens.  Press the lens out so that it lands on the towel.  This will not damage the frame or the lens, however, we recommend this method as a last resort.

Q: Can I use a standard 55 mm lens cap with any of your 55 mm filters. 

A: No. A standard lens cap clips onto the inside of a standard filter. Our ultra low profile filters do not have enough thread for a standard lens cap to grab onto. We recommend purchasing a slip over filter such as those available on our website.

Q: What is the difference between the BlurFix3™ SO Naked and the BlurFix3™ SO with CYD Dome Filter?

A: They are both the same 55mm adapter; the only difference is that the BlurFix3™ SO with CYD Filter comes with the URPro CYD Dome filter already screwed onto it.

Q: Are the CY and CYD filters the same thing.
A: No.  The CYD filter is the URPRO CYAN Dome filter.  This filter is dome shaped and made from polycarbonate.  The CY filter is the URPRO CYAN filter.  This filter is flat and made from glass.  The filters have identical color-correcting properties.  The CYD filter was created to be bundled with the BlurFix3 SO Naked.  This bundled product is called the "BlurFix3 SO Featuring the URPRO CYD Filter".  It's dome shape is an experiment in ensuring that a consistent thickness of color-correcting material is in the field of view from center-to-corner when used with wide angle cameras such as the Hero3.  Practically, however, there is no conceivable difference between the CY and CYD performance.  



We receive 100's of sponsorship and/or free item requests a month.  Due to this we now have a yearly budget set aside specifically for sponsorships.  Unfortunately, we are unable to complete every sponsorship request, as the demand has become quite high.  Please take some time to fill out our sponsorship application, which can be obtained below.  Requests will not be considered without one.  Though we do review every application, we are unable to respond to every request.  If we decide to sponsor you, we will let you know through email within 7 business days.  

Please note that due to false information we do check out every application quite thoroughly, even making phone calls, when necessary, to verify accuracy.  




Q: When will my items ship?
A: Items are generally shipped out within 24 hours of purchase provided that they are purchased Monday through Friday before 2 p.m. MST.

Q: How long will the shipping take?
A: Standard shipping within the USA generally takes 3-4 days. International standard shipping generally takes 2-6 weeks, but can take up to 4 weeks. Tracking numbers are emailed when the items have shipped.

Q: My package looks like it is stuck in Los Angeles.
A: There is no tracking information available (with standard shipping) after a package has left the USA until it reaches the destination, which is why it will look like it is stuck in Los Angeles.

Q: What will customs/VAT cost me?
A: Customs charges vary by country. We are unable to keep track of those charges, and the charges are not paid by Snake River Prototyping. Those charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please check our Dealers page for a list of dealers in your area to possibly avoid those charges and to receive faster and cheaper shipping.

Q: How much does expedited shipping cost?
A: Within the US expedited shipping begins at $34.00 for 2-day and $55.00 for overnight shipping. International expedited shipping begins at $90.00 for 5-day. Prices will vary depending on exact location.  You will see your exact shipping charges at checkout.

Please check our Dealers page to see if there is a dealer in your area. We have dealers around the world, and you may be able to get cheaper shipping without the customs/VAT.


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